About Us

The only sure thing about luck is that it will change
Today could be that day!!!
Why be Unlucky ???

The reason is why many people have a smile on their face is because of app "Lucky Number". Luck means fortune, or the hand of destiny. If luck is on your side, you win all rounds. We are brothers who believe in common thing, luck favors you if keep trying. A year ago I was with my friend who often buys a lottery ticket every second day, hoping that someday will be his day and he would get lucky. I asked him that why does he buys a lottery ticket everyday? And he answered “The only thing sure about luck is that one day it will change” and he does his part by buying the lottery ticket. It was just one of those regular talks we use to have and few months down the lane when I was relaxing in my chair this conversation struck my mind and since then its haunting me. I then thought to tweak this idea and implement it using mobile phone. And that’s how LuckyNumber company came into existence.

If we look at the history, we can see a lot of great inventories and discoveries were partly due to luck. For example, penicillium was discovered by luck. The scientist discovered that a sample he was studying was contaminated by bacteria. In usual practice, scientists would throw the contaminated sample away and start the experiment all over again. However, the scientist did not throw that away, instead he studied the sample. He wonders why there were some areas in the sample did not grow mold and some areas did. Finally, he knew that the bacteria in the sample created an antibiotic (he named it penicillium) which could prohibit the growth of mold. He extracted the antibiotic and made it a drug which could cure human diseases. Nowadays, antibiotics are very important drugs. Doctors can use antibiotics to cure many untreatable or deadly diseases.

So through this application my aim is to pass the message that never give up on your luck.Luck is believing you’re lucky. Chance only favours the prepared mind ...Good Luck!!